Health & Safety

Managing Health and Safety

Principals of managing EM SERVICES Health and Safety

EM SERVICES holds all levels of management responsible and accountable for:

  • The control of hazards and prevention of accidents in areas under their control.
  • The early intervention of the injured employee’s absence with professionally developed, risk based return to work initiatives.
  • The management review and closure of rehabilitation initiatives with the best possible outcomes for the injured employee and EM SERVICES.

The roles and responsibilities for all levels of managers, supervisors and employees in regards to H & S are documented in job descriptions and duty statements.

Health and Safety Representation

EM SERVICES has a health and safety representative that is involved in the developing company health and safety systems in consultation with both management and non-management staff.

Health and Safety risk planning

EM SERVICES continually review the accident data and investigation reports at regular intervals to identify areas for improvement.

EM SERVICES fosters continuous improvement in H & S initiatives and development by:

  • Encouraging employee participation through health and safety committees and company health and safety representatives.
  • Identifying present workplace hazards
  • Identifying developing worksite hazards
  • Identifying introduced worksite hazards
  • Prioritising hazards based on seriousness
  • Eliminating serious hazards from the work place
  • Isolating serious hazards in the workplace if they cannot be eliminated
  • Minimising serious hazards in the workplace if they cannot be isolated
  • Employee training and development
  • Evaluating the health and safety compliance of sub-contractors
  • Reviewing health and safety documentation and procedures in regards to current and changing legislation
  • Establishing short, medium and long-term goals and targets
  • Carrying out internal and external audits
  • Reviewing the results or internal, external audits
  • Reviewing the results of near miss incident and incident/accident investigations

Contact Details

For all emergencies, call outs or any general enquiries please contact us as follows:

Ph: 0800 328 654


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